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It is Spring.  Take a look at our Seersucker collection of bow ties and lapel carnations.  We have the largest color selection on the internet.  If you don't see a color you are looking for, send us an email and we will get right on it.

Who else can give you this kind of custom service?

The Gentleman's Note

Suit vs. Shoes | Visiual Guide

July 04, 2015

I found this helpful chart online that will bring some insight as to how to match up the right suit with the right pair of shoes. Continue Reading →

The Essence of Style Every Day – Not Just Special Occasions

December 27, 2014

Written by Mr. John Rasiej You just got an invitation for a special event – a black-tie fundraiser, an exclusive cocktail party – or perhaps a very particular business function where you need to look your absolute best.  You go out of your way to shop for that super-fashionable suit, pick up a custom-made designer tie and pocket square, and maybe even those shoes with the name everyone admires.  You invest thousands of euros or dollars because you sense how much style might matter to the people you may meet at this special event. Many men will make a special effort to look their absolute best for such an occasion, thinking that this is when great style matters.  Exuding style... Continue Reading →


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